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The Art of Highlighting and Contouring
One of the hottest trends and techniques today in the Makeup world is Highlighting and Contouring. The magic of Highlighting and Contouring has come a long way from 20 years ago.
Today highlighting and contouring is done with a bit more simplicity and is no longer so noticeable.
The 21st century version of Highlighting and Contouring is about bringing out your cheekbones, slimming your face, and doing all this with tricks and techniques that almost make it believable.
What will you need to begin?
* VA's Sunshine Eyeshadow (Highlighter)
* VA's Blush Bronzer (Contour)

* A Blush Brush (VA's brushes a specially tapered for the best application)

Now let’s begin:
To create instant cheekbones suck in your cheeks, this will allow you to find the hollows of your cheek area. This is one of the areas you want to brush on the bronzer blush.
To slim the areas around your nose blend two lines of the bronzer blush from your brows down the bridge of your nose.
Also apply blush bronzer shade around the upper edges of your forehead.
Add the sunshine eyeshadow/highlighter with your ring finger under the eye area almost forming a triangle.
Dab on to the center of the chin, the center of your lip(top), the center area of your nose, and right above your Eyebrows center area.

Important tip to remember not all Highlighting and Contouring rules apply to all face shades.
For a round face, contouring under cheekbones can make them appear smaller, but if your face is narrow this technique can make your narrow face appear even longer. Instead shade around the top of your forehead and add a bit on the chin. This technique will help soften angular features, and will help create a more rounded effect.